“An auditory illusion is an illusion of hearing, the aural equivalent of an optical illusion: the listener hears either sounds which are not present in the stimulus, or “impossible” sounds.” (Auditory illusion)

The title of the project becomes a contradiction of the image that reflects the dissolved identity of a deconstructed character, both at imaging level and sonorous, through rough sounds. The auditory illusion is created, in this case, through the conversion of a song in MIDI format, giving the sensation of hearing lyrics, even though a piano is the source of all the obtained sounds. If we recognize the original song, the brain puts in the effort to complete what we hear from the memories it already has with the said song, thus obtaining the auditory illusion.

The choice of the song has a purely subjective motivation, with only selected parts that have been rearranged to compose a new message, but which retain its recognizability due to musicality. (The original song:  Placebo – Running Up That Hill)

Images complement the sound, wanting to facilitate a better understanding of the work by creating a visual for the audio message.

Exploring the tension between sound and image as elements that want to describe the same message creates a complete, but unfamiliar audio-visual image that destabilizes any attempt to synthesize the sense of experience.

“itdoesnthurtme” was part of the “Video.2 / at the edge of simple things” exhibition, in January, 2018.


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