First of all, I think of myself not as a photographer, but more of a storyteller. I want to make people feel my pictures, send them a specific emotion through them, as reading a book does.
I was born on 18 February 1997, in Târgu Neamț (Romania), a small city surrounded by history and joyful people. I grew up in a big family and art was always a part of my life, as not only me, but my whole family has an artistic side.
I’ve been fascinated with photography and cameras since I was very little and the decision to study photography after graduating high-school was nothing but something natural to follow.
What I love the most to shoot are plants of all kinds. I always felt just right surrounded by nature, therefore, I started to bring my camera along.
I am a quite shy person and won’t talk much – I love to listen, not so much to talk (/type-even online) – this whole blog is a challenge for myself. Nonetheless, here I am and I hope you’ll enjoy it.